Enhancing the mental fitness of leaders, their teams, and families

Benefits of participating in our Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Training Program include:

  • improving performance and wellbeing of teams 
  • increased accountability, trust and healthier conflict in the workplace
  • better stress management and increased individual creativity, performance, and wellbeing
  • enhancing your emotional intelligence (our program builds 17 out of 18 EQ competencies) and therefore enhancing your leadership skills & positive impact 

Private MindFittery Client

"This program has been fantastic for developing a routine and keeping me on track in a gentle, supportive way. I feel much more able to step back from situations now and choose how I want to respond, rather than getting swept away in the emotion/stress of it - and that has been invaluable! I'm also much more aware of my patterns around avoiding, and that awareness has led to some great breakthroughs and facing things more head-on. I can't recommend this program and Lucie's coaching enough!"

Self-led as well as facilitated private or team/group versions of the program

Positive intelligence (PQ) 7-week program

Positive intelligence mental fitness training program is a fun and effective way to discover what holds you back from performing truly at your best. It helps you tap into a new level of creativity and resilience, as well as improve your well-being and relationships as a result. We have an international PQ (positive intelligence) community that you would become a part of, either just for those seven weeks or for as long as you wish, with the optional monthly Grow program. 

Among benefits of the PQ program:

  • Increasing your self-awareness and catching yourself whenever a part of you tries to self-sabotage your success, wellbeing and relationships (e.g. by falling into procrastination patterns, avoiding difficult conversations, etc.)
  • Increasing skill of emotional regulation - the more you practice the "mental fitness muscles", the easier it becomes to switch from stressed to focused, from upset to calm, from sad to motivated.... what would be the feelings you would like to shift?
  • Improved relationships & team performance, an increased ability to empathize and communicate with others in a calm and clear-headed manner (vs. talking with others while "seeing red", not picking up on the emotions of others)
  • Increased clarity on what would make your business grow to the next level & improved "activate power" to actually make your ideas and vision a reality 
  • Managing your mental, emotional and physical energy better which leads to having more energy available to allocate to what truly matters to you
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Private MindFittery Client

"I enjoyed working with Lucie, she is a loving and caring coach, and she is very good at redirecting me into the path when I want to take a shortcut. She gives her perspective in a relaxed, friendly, and humorous way and I like that she asks, how does this feel to you? As a result of the program, I am more patient and gentle with myself. When I make mistakes I pause, look at the situation, pay attention to my emotions, acknowledge them and I do as I did with my daughter raising her up, I tell myself, 'it's ok, this is a learning experience, let's see what we can do differently."

Positive Intelligence Program for leaders & teams (& complimentary access for their immediate family members)

Positive intelligence (PQ) 7-week or 1-year program

Some companies choose to offer our program as an optional employee wellness benefits program. And, because we also care about the whole person and making difference not just for individuals but also for their families & communities, we offer complimentary access to the program for immediate family members of participants in our 1-year version of the program. 

How PQ program can benefit teams: 

  • Increased emotional intelligence of the team leader as well as of participants leading to healthier conflict, improved performance and team cohesion 
  • In the first six weeks of the mental fitness training, PQ optimizes each individual's performance and wellbeing. After the foundational experience, this shared operating system enables teams to improve trust, shared purpose, accountability levels, creativity as well as collaboration, leading to increased team performance and wellbeing. 
  • 90% of our participants report more effective use of their mental and emotional energy 
  • 92% report becoming better at teamwork and collaboration 
  • 85% of participants report increased levels of happiness
  • 91% of participants say they manage their stress better 
  • 83% report improved self-confidence
  • 84% say they got better at conflict management 

What would be your desired outcome as a result of participating in the program? What kind of change would you like to see for yourself & in your team/company? 

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