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Private & Group Coaching & Training Programs

Positive intelligence (PQ) 7-week program - VIP PQ version (facilitated by PQ Certified coach)

A positive intelligence mental fitness training program is a fun and effective way to discover what holds you back from performing truly at your best. It helps you tap into a new level of creativity and resilience, as well as improve your well-being and relationships as a result. We have an international PQ (positive intelligence) community that you would become a part of, either just for those seven weeks or for as long as you wish, with the optional monthly Grow program. 

Among the benefits of the PQ program:

  • Increasing your self-awareness and catching yourself whenever a part of you tries to self-sabotage your success, wellbeing and relationships (e.g. by falling into procrastination patterns, avoiding difficult conversations, etc.)
  • Increasing skill of emotional regulation - the more you practice the "mental fitness muscles", the easier it becomes to switch from stressed to focused, from upset to calm, from sad to motivated.... what would be the feelings you would like to shift?
  • Improved relationships & team performance, an increased ability to empathize and communicate with others in a calm and clear-headed manner (vs. talking with others while "seeing red", not picking up on the emotions of others)
  • Increased clarity on what would make your business grow to the next level & improved "activate power" to actually make your ideas and vision a reality 
  • Managing your mental, emotional and physical energy better which leads to having more energy available to allocate to what truly matters to you
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“Best personality training styles program in the U.S." - CV Magazine

This is not your typical boring DISC training learning about the letters and what each of them means, and then forgetting all about it later. 

In collaboration with Taking Flight company, MindFittery now offers this fun and high-energy training experience for you and/or your team.  

Among the benefits of the Taking Flight with DISC program:

  • Improved self-awareness, which allows you (and your team) to capitalize on personal strengths 
  • Helping you to understand how our behavior is impacting your own success and what impact it has on others
  • Improved individual and team communication
  • Increased acceptance of others and decrease of conflict and drama 
  • Improves organizational culture, one interaction at a time
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Coming soon (Spring - Summer 2023): 

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

During six highly interactive and impactful sessions, attendees will learn to improve how they connect, communicate and influence others – in turn enhancing leadership ability, personal relationships and well-being.

Genos Emotional Intelligence focuses on a set of skills that help us act intelligently with our emotions, enhancing our decisions, behavior and performance.

What to expect:

  • Inspirational, relevant content with a focus on practical application
  • Active learning through discussion
  • Polls and data that provide insights
  • Activities that build your skill, and understanding, and empower you to apply what you learn
  • Optional: Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessments can be provided during the program, and based on the feedback, you can identify customized, actionable development steps. Available digitally or via one-on-one coaching debrief. 

Coming soon (Spring - Summer 2023):

The Resilient Leader

One Day Enhancement Program

The Resilient Leader is a powerful one-day program that brings together the latest developments in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience to help leaders enhance their well-being, feel less stressed, and facilitate resilience and well-being in their teams. Self-management is an emotionally intelligent leadership competency and is about managing one’s own mood and emotions, time and behavior, and continuously improving oneself. Leaders high in self-management pay careful attention to the way they manage time and how they behave. They are often described as ‘resilient’ rather than ’temperamental,’ and they use their self-management skills to create positive workplace cultures.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn a little bit about the neuroscience behind emotions and emotional intelligence
  • Study our emotional intelligence assessment results and find out how to boost them
  • Practice tools and techniques to build our own and others’ resilience.


  • Personal resilience quiz
  • Proactive strategies and techniques for:
    • Thinking
    • Physiology
    • Relationships
    • Environment
  • The science of strong emotions and techniques to help demonstrate greater levels of self-control.