Never stop growing

Growth and contribution to others are two of the needs that lead to true fulfillment & an experience of success in life. 

If you are a coach, or a parent, a teacher, a student or simply someone committed to growth on a personal level, you are in the right place. 

Join our community of individuals who value growth and contribution to others, and let's create something greater together.

  • connect with a community of other inspiring, passionate, caring, and growing individuals
  • grow your self-awareness on many levels, as well as the ability to generate feelings and experiences that are aligned with your highest self 
  • discover, walk, and talk your purpose
  • contribute to others in a meaningful way 
  • receive support, encouragement, and inspiration from others
  • learn new tools that will support you and others in living a meaningful life

Which one sounds the most appealing to you?

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Services & Products for 

Growth-Minded Individuals


Positive intelligence (PQ) 7-week program

Positive intelligence mental fitness training program is a fun and effective way to discover what sabotages the areas of your life that you are not fully fulfilled in yet. You can take this program by yourself, or become a part of a learning pod - either invite your friends, or make new ones! We also have an international PQ (positive intelligence) community that you would become a part of, either just for those seven weeks or for as long as you wish, with the optional monthly Grow program. 

Among the benefits of the PQ program:

  • Increasing your self-awareness and catching yourself whenever a part of you tries to self-sabotage your success, wellbeing and relationships (e.g. by falling into procrastination patterns, avoiding difficult conversations, etc.)
  • Increased skill of emotional regulation - the more you practice the "mental fitness muscles," the easier it becomes to switch from stressed to focused, from upset to calm, from sad to motivated.... what would be the feelings you would like to shift?
  • Improved relationships & team performance, an increased ability to empathize and communicate with others in a calm and clear-headed manner (vs. talking with others while "seeing red", not picking up on the emotions of others)
  • Increased clarity on what would make your business grow to the next level & improved "activate power" to actually make your ideas and vision a reality 
  • Managing your mental, emotional and physical energy better which leads to having more energy available to allocate to what truly matters to you
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Bring the best out in you and others 

Are you looking to unlock your full potential and inspire others to show up in their best selves with you?

We partnered with Take Flight Learning to bring you a fun, impactful and memorable way to improve your self-leadership as well as build stronger relationships and uplevel your leadership and communication skills. 

This program will help you:

  • understand your natural communication style and what you need to show up at your best
  • gain understanding how others may perceive and communicate differently and learn how to speak in a language that they can easily understand, and improve trust, collaboration and your relationships overall
  • Find ways to tap into your natural strengths and leverage them with the strengths of others on your team 
  • Create a personalized plan for your growth and development 
  • Have fun while learning some new skills!


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