What do leaders & HR professionals care about?

Well, it may depend on whom you ask. Here at MindFittery, we care about how to empower & support leaders & HR professionals so that they can empower & support their teams and organizations at a higher & more influential level.

Among frequent topics that matter to our clients are: 

  • Motivating others, training, mentoring, coaching, and leading others
  • Increasing staff engagement and performance
  • Conflict resolution & having difficult conversations
  • Emotional regulation & stress management
  • Life/work balance
  • Providing performance feedback
  • Clarifying & communicating mission, vision, and company values
  • Change management
  • Delegation & succession planning 

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Services & Products for Leaders & HR Professionals


For Individual Leaders & HR Professionals

We offer customizable packages empowering leaders & HR professionals to perform at their best, reach their personal and professional goals, and more. Including: 

  • 1:1 coaching services customized to your specific goals and challenges
  • Positive intelligence self-lead or coach-facilitated 7-week program 
  • Emotional intelligence assessments & training programs
  • Custom online workshops, webinars & more
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programs for teams / employee groups

For Teams / Employee Groups

We don't just serve individuals. We work with teams as well as we offer programs that can be provided to employees (and their immediate family members free of charge) as an optional employee wellness benefits program. Our services include: 

  • Self, 180 and 360 EQ assessments, training & coaching services
  • DISC assessments, training & coaching services
  • 7-week Positive Intelligence self-lead or coach-facilitated 7-week program 
  • 12-month Positive Intelligence program for teams (& employee groups)
  • Custom workshops, lunch & learns, etc. 
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