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MindFittery is about joining forces across oceans, regardless of differences. It's about not giving up and, step by step, building a resource hub & mental fitness gym with one vision in mind - Empower people so that they show up as their best selves in their lives and workplaces and transform their lives & our communities for the better. 


It was co-founded in 2022 by two coaches, living on different continents, coming from different cultures, different experiences, perspectives, and opinions, ... yet uniting over a common vision and a dream, and joining forces to make it a reality. 


What change do you want to see in the world? In your business, workplace, community, or family? 

Let's join forces and create new beginnings & fulfilling results. 

MindFittery Founding Members

A bit about us... if you want to know ;) 


  • Over 20 years of experience in developing people and businesses. 

  • Passionate about learning, applying the knowledge, and creating and supporting transformation for the better - both on the inside (feeling calm, clear, focused, happier, energized, empowered, and fulfilled) and on the outside (creating desired outcomes).

Fun facts: 

  • Wanted to be an astronaut when little but didn't have 20/20 vision so got disqualified. So now she is exploring the "inner universe" of the human world & interactions :) 
  • Originally from Central Europe (Czech Republic), living in the US (California) 

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  • A former CIO and CTO with 25+ years of experience in international trade, paper production, and IT. 
  • ICF Certified Leadership Coach, and Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Trainer. Passionate about empowering others through coaching, mentoring & sharing stories that teach, inspire & energize. 

Fun facts: 

  • Speaking fluently in multiple languages (English, German, Farsi) 
  • Happily married, living & traveling the world with his wife, their teenage son, and two cats 
  • Coming from a family of writers and artists, he is currently writing his first book. 

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