8: How to use your story to empower others: Interview by Chris Wong with Special Guest Heidi Lee

Season #1

How to use your story to empower others

In this week’s podcast episode, we interview a very dear friend, Heidi Lee. Chris has been friends with her for many years, and Heidi has worked for years in the Boston area as a treatment case manager, harm reduction specialist, and peer support specialist with vulnerable and underserved populations. 

Her motivation? 

She also experienced really difficult situations throughout her life and has learned to use her own experiences with the mental health care system in Massachusetts to help others who also struggle.

It’s not easy to be vulnerable in sharing your own story, let alone sharing the areas you struggled with and the loss you’ve experienced.  But today, she shares: 

-        Her own history of abuse and recovery from mental illness

-        How to find purpose and make meaning

-        How to find power in your own story and use it to have an impact in the world

We’re very grateful for Heidi and her courage to share her story and we look forward to continue seeing her have an incredible impact in the world.

You can follow Heidi at:

Linkedin -

Instagram - @heidi.hj.lee1231

Email Heidi at [email protected]   If you're interested in learning more about the NAAPIEN that Heidi mentions, it's now named "National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association," and you can learn more at their website here: