12: When it is time to call it quits

Season #1

When is it time to call it quits?

A question we’ve been getting more and more recently is “when is it time to call it quits”?  

And it’s a fair question, because drawing the line in hard conversations is more than just ending emotional outbursts.  It means setting healthy boundaries, recognizing when the conflict is no longer productive, or at worst, noticing when it’s becoming more disrespectful and potentially causing harm.

In today’s episode, Chris walks through two major points:

1. Signs it’s times to end the conversation
2. How to end the conversation well

Typically, if you notice any of these, it means it’s time to end the conversation:

- Personal attacks or disrespect
- Emotionally becoming overwhelmed
- Violation of your core values
- The conversation is going in circles
- Concerns about your emotional or physical safety
- Potentially crossing legal/ethical boundaries

Chris also talks through HOW to end the conversation, including:

- Being clear and direct
- Taking a break
- Seeking a neutral mediator
- Setting ground rules and referring back to them

Have you had to end a hard conversation?  What’s been your strategy of choice? Continue the conversation on our socials or share this episode with your thoughts.

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