17: Interview with Jack Skeels on His Leadership Journey

Season #1

Everyone’s leadership journey is different, but have you ever: 

-        Been told you were not a good leader

-        Set out to prove them wrong

-        Realize they were right all along?

That’s Jack Skeels story - he joined us today to talk about his own leadership journey, including one of the hardest parts of being a leader: 

Getting feedback we don’t agree with

 In fact, that was the inspiration behind the book he researched and wrote: Unmanaged: Master the Magic of Creating Empowered and Happy Organizations

Listen to hear his journey and pick up a copy of the book here!

Jack is a two-time Inc. 500 award-winning entrepreneur, consultant, and former management sciences researcher at the think-tank RAND Corporation. A noted author, expert, and speaker, he has been published and featured over 35 times, including Ad Age,, Business Horizons, Wall Street Journal, Training, and many other publications.

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