Is your Will Power playing with your body?

burnout self awareness May 23, 2023
is your Will Power Playing with your Body?

Is your Will Power playing with your body? Sometimes to the point of complete exhaustion and near burnout? 

Our strength can often turn into our weakness when taken too far. 

High achievers have big goals and drive to achieve success. Also, very caring people have a high drive to support those around them and provide for others...Both types are fueled to accomplish things by heart & willpower. However, when those are left unchecked, it can lead to burnout, anger, resentment, and deteriorating mental, emotional, physical, and social health. As well as an eventual steep drop in performance (often due to illness). 

Don’t let your strength become your undoing. 

Today’s mini self-leadership practice is to:

1️⃣  Pause right now. As you look at the screen and read these words, notice your breath. Notice how your chest rises and falls. 

2️⃣  Open your arms and stretch. Notice any tension in your shoulders or tiredness in your back. As you stretch, notice any other sensations in your body, even in your feet. 

3️⃣ Have a sip of water. Go for a quick 5 min walk away from your desk and say hello to someone in your environment, or be in quiet for a moment. Notice what feels more relaxing and nourishing to you at this moment. 

4️⃣ Appreciate your body that carries you around. Your eyes that are able to see and read this text. Your ears that can hear. Your lungs that help you breathe. Your heart that beats and helps you accomplish and provide, care, and create. 

Give a moment of care to your body today. 

Rest & recharging is an important part of any high achievement. Even your laptop or phone wouldn’t be able to work long without getting some charge. Remember to charge & care for your body too, and don’t allow your strong Will Power / Care for others to turn into what harms you and ultimately others as well. 

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